Saturday, 15 January 2011

Time flies...

...when you're working, running, eating, sleeping! I guess I've never really realised how busy and non-stop my weekdays are, it's been over a week since my last blog post! I suppose what with working 9-6 every day, going to the gym for 1-2hours most days, spending the rest of my time cooking from scratch and spending quality time with my boyfriend... I just don't have much 'free' time to blog during the week. I have so much admiration for bloggers who manage to post every day (or multiple times a day) but sadly I don't have those kind of time management skills! That's ok though, I'm still going to stick with this thing and continue to write about my healthy living journey, it just might be on a more relaxed weekly basis rather than daily :)

In my last post I mentioned I was going to try photographing my food for a day or two but I admit this wasn't very successful... I'm just too forgetful! I managed to get a few pics of my breakfasts/lunches, but don't think I managed even one of my dinners. So here's a random look at (some) of the tasty food I've been enjoying this past week...

Breakfast oats with cinnamon and peaches, topped with greek yog, blueberries and peach jam

Pre-run breakfast of a spelt pancake (from freezer) topped with berry jam and a plum

Another pre-run brekkie of half a banana with PB and an oatcake with peach jam

Although breakfast is most definitely my favourite meal of the day, I've also been quite creative with my lunches this week:

Egg white + spelt wrap with hummous, turkey and leftover roast veg (thanks to Laura at Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish for the wrap recipe, i love it!)

Salad of mixed chop veg, chicken breast pieces and hummous

Spinach/egg white scramble and turkey on top of a wholemeal english muffin, carrot fries + ketchup on the side (useless information alert: I LOVE black pepper and grind way too much onto just about everything savoury that I eat... you can really tell from this photo, oops!)

All-in-all it's been a great week of tasty food and I've loved trying out new ingredients and recipes that I've discovered through blog-reading. I've been to Tesco this afternoon and stocked up the fridge so hopefully this coming week will be more of the same. Apologies to those of you who find food photos boring, but personally it's my favourite part of the blogs I read!

Exercise-wise, last Monday I went to my first yoga class which I really enjoyed. I normally do my long outdoor run on a Sunday morning, so it's lovely to have some designated time the following day to stretch out my muscles. It's definitely not a technical or hugely serious kind of yoga class, but it's enough for me for now. The rest of my gym sessions this week have been the usual mixture of cardio on the treadmill/crosstrainer/bike, spinning class, and my own made-up upper body + core routines... variety is the name of the game! I started off another good week with a 10.5 mile outdoor run in horribly windy conditions earlier this morning and I'm already looking forwarding to my second yoga class tomorrow night for a good ol' stretch.

Well, time to go prepare dinner and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend... why does Monday always come around WAY too quickly?! If you're reading this then thanks for sticking with me through this rather random post and I hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

So, what's your favourite meal-time? Mine is definitely breakfast. I love waking up hungry and spending my snooze-alarm time in bed pondering what I fancy having... lately it's been oats, oats and more oats!


  1. Yeah breakfast is my fave! Porridge all the way. Although I do like cereal for variety, I normally choose porridge as it is filling and tasty :)

  2. Tasty eats! I so gotta make one of those wraps! x x

  3. yummy eats!! breakfast is my FAV.. i love waking up early before everyone else and eating my big bowl of oats while reading blogs.. so relaxing!

  4. I LOVE breakfast, too! I almost eat breakfast foods for every meal! Haha I always have oatmeal for breakfast, eggs for lunch and usually a smoothie for dinner! haha, all breakfast foods!

  5. Maria - I'm with you on the porridge, there is NO finer breakfast!

    Tam - I highly recommend the wraps, they're so quick and easy to make and so versatile. My fav filling is def hummous and roasted veg.

    movenmunchies - Glad I'm not alone in my breakfast-loving ways :)

    littlemisshealthy - I like the idea of eating breakfast for every meal, may have to give it a go one day!

  6. I love every meal of the day ... plus all the snacks in between :-) Although on balance I think breakfast is my favourite - there's something good about starting the day off right!
    I also love love love black pepper - it goes on everything I make (apart from maybe the sweet stuff). Coriander powder and cinnamon are also favourites of mine.